Truly brimming with life, Les Halles de la Major marketplace features ten passionate food growers and curators, on an unwavering quest for excellence and eager to share their profession, know-how, products and essence of their products.  People come here to shop and have a chat with the fish-monger, cheese-maker or vintner, before tucking into a meal at Café des Halles.  Others come just for an indulgent, mouth-watering walk…

Les Halles de la Major has already found most of the traders who will fill its stalls with aromas and colours of all kinds.  Each is a master in his own right.

  • Le Café des Halles: a brasserie run by Julien Bottela, Le Café des Halles will offer daily specials made using choice products from surrounding stalls.
  • Les Glaciers Marseillais: Jérôme CELLIER, Artisan Ice Cream Maker and Pastry Chef for 20 years and his associate Philippe IMBERT have been revealing the finest ice creams and sorbets to the public since 2013.
  • La Poissonnerie des Halles de la Major: Patrick Torres and Éric Castro will offer you fresh fish from the Atlantic, rivers and the Mediterranean.
  • Les Coquillages des Halles: Recognised for the quality of its products and service for over 20 years, Nico Coquillages will be taking up quarters at Halles de la Major.
  • La Maison Cellerier Fromagerie: This producer and curator of fine cheeses, already a celebrated figure at Les Halles Bocuse de Lyon, will offer a stand dedicated to its speciality sweet dairy products.
  • Le Primeur des Halles: A regional specialist in direct-to-customer fruit and vegetable sales, Le primeur des Halles maintains close ties with local producers and is a guarantee of freshness.
  • La Casertane: This Italian fine foods store, already the touchstone  in Marseille, offers a wide range of fresh Italian foods.
  • La Maison Cellerier Spécialités Lyonnaises: A provider to many starred restaurants,  La Maison Cellerier will be taking the reins of this “caterer’s section”, dedicated to specialities from Lyon and traditional cold cuts and cured meats.
  • Les Tapas des Halles: An undying tapas lover, Julien Botella invited Marseille-based self-taught chef Thomas Hallier to bring some of his tapas bar to Café des Halles.
  • Le Kiosque – Pastry Shop: 3-star and highly-lauded chef Gérald Passédat and his head pastry chef will have the eyes and taste-buds of every food-lover buzzing with their original, exquisite pastries.
  • La Bouchrie des Halles: Away for the summer, our butcher will be back to man his stall very soon