Nico Coquillages has been recognised for the quality of its products and service for over 20 years. Whether individual shoppers or companies, whether for on-site enjoyment or to take-away, or even for an evening event designed around seafood products, Eric Castro, the head of Nico Coquillages, looks forward to using his talent to serve you.

Drawing on the myriad of products that arrive daily from across France and specially selected for you, Nico offers a wide range of platters as well as live shellfish in the tank (grand crab, spiny lobster, slipper lobsters, and lobsters) or premium-quality caviar…

Éric Castro, vice-champion of France and regional champion for many years, also offers traditional or molecular cuisine.

Delivery to your home or office in Marseille.
Open until 20:30
Contact us by phone: 04 91 52 12 72